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Important announcements
Important announcements

Dear Forwarders,
Due to the introduction of the obligation to cover the mouth and nose in public places in Poland from April 16th, 2020, please provide drivers with appropriate protective equipment and warn them about the necessity to wear it each time they leave the passenger cabin. Taking care of the safety of our passengers, it is possible to buy appropriate protective masks on the ferries.
We count on your cooperation in these difficult circumstances.

Due to the state of epidemic introduced by the Polish government and the related movement restrictions, we have taken several actions to ensure the safety of our passengers and the crew of our ferries. However, all our efforts become ineffective without your involvement.
We would like to ask you:
1. To ensure safety, as far as possible, we try to offer drivers a trip in single cabins. Unfortunately, our information shows that it is common practice for drivers to gather in one cabin and make the journey pleasant often by drinking alcohol. We realize that it is very difficult to spend hours being confined in the small space of the cabin. However, having in mind the potential danger to the lives of drivers, their families and our crews, we believe that it is indisputably necessary. Therefore, we APPEAL to instruct and oblige your drivers to change their behavior on ferries!
2. Please, if possible, equip your drivers with disposable protective gloves. Some drivers are equipped with these materials and use them.
3. Please inform your drivers that, in order to avoid the hazards described in point 1, the sale of "high percentage alcohols" on ferries will not be conducted. The above procedures are aimed at the broadly understood safety of passengers, crew members as well as their families and relatives.

In the safety interests of passengers and staff, we are introducing the following changes to the procedure for filling in the "Declaration of stowage and securing of cargo" by drivers:
1. To minimize the spread of the coronavirus, from March 20th, 2020, each truck driver is obliged to report to the shipping clearance office with a completed above-mentioned declaration, i.e. he will not be able to fill it in the drivers’ waiting room.
2. A maximum of 3 people will be allowed to stay in the drivers' waiting room at the same time. The remaining waiting persons are asked to wait in front of the office and keep safety precautions while waiting.
3. The above-mentioned "Declaration" we had already sent as an attachment so that, in order to facilitate / expedite the check-in, and at the same time to comply with the precautions recommended by the State Administrations, drivers can complete it earlier.
4. At the same time, we would like to inform you that the forms will be available, as before, at the check-in offices at the terminals, but drivers will have to leave the waiting room and fill it in some other place (probably the safest place will be the cabins of their vehicles).

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