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General Provisions

  1. The tariff is applied by Polferries, Polish Baltic Shipping Co. rendering services contained within this tariff. On behalf of Polferries, the Shipowners, their Agents are authorized to adhere terms and conditions provided in the tariff. 
  2. The charges contained within this tariff are valid, provided not otherwise agreed between parties contracting the services. All freight rates, charges and terms are subject to alteration without prior notice.
  3. The tariff rates are expressed in Swedish Crowns. The conversion of rates into currency of payment to be effected according to the average exchange rate of the Narodowy Bank Polski. The currency and financial regulations in force in the Republic of Poland, to be applied for all payments arising  from this tariff.
  4. The Owners reserve the right to apply bunker surcharge according to the respective increase on fuel price (BAF clause),  or in case of changes in the international currency situation all rates are subject to adjustment accordingly currency adjustment factor (CAF clause) details of which may be obtainable from the Shipowners or their Agents.
  5. The rates of freight and charges in this tariff are net, unless otherwise stated in the tariff. 
  6. All charges expressed in percentages to be calculated on the basic rates. 
  7. Fee for issuing of bills of lading to be SEK 100 / EUR 10,-
  8. Responsibility of the performer in respect of services rendered is determined by “General Conditions of the Carriage of Cargo” and stipulations contained in this tariff and by additional regulation in force, if any. In any unsettled cases Law of the Polish Republic to be applied. 
  9. General Conditions of the  Carriage of Cargo” constitute an integral part of this tariff.
  10. With regard to other services performed by the ports are on written order and separate port tariffs to be applied.
  11. For the calculation of the charges for mobile cargo to be applied rate for the each commenced meter of length.
  12. The rate for mobile cargo up to 7 meters is charged per unit. 
  13. The basis for calculation charges for general cargo is the weight and measurement stated in the order, which should conform the bill of lading and the cargo manifest. 
  14. For the calculation of the charges for general cargo, the weight of the goods to be rounded up to   100 kos and measurement to be rounded up to 1/10 cubic meter. 
  15. The Shipowners perform services only on written order sent by fax, email, or internet reservation. 
  16. The customer is obliged to declare to the Shipowners: 
    • destination of the cargo, number of pieces, gross weight, capacity in cubic meters, 
    • length of the mobile cargo, 
    • special requirements of the cargo, 
    • kind of packing and marks of the cargo, 
    • with respect to the dangerous goods, class of danger IMDG as per classification of the IMO (International Maritime Organization),
    • order bill of lading is not accepted. 
  17. On basis of the provision and rates of this tariff, the Shipowners may charge lumpsum charges for the services agreed upon with the Customer. 
  18. The tariff rates are applicable in respect of merchandise on normal trade condition only, which cause no additional difficulty, and which are carried out in normal holds. Otherwise any extra   charges to be paid. 
  19. Freight rates exclude all statutory and / or official charges and lives dues, duties, taxes and the like. 
  20. If the driver of the booked vehicle reports to the Owner's Office later than 2 hours before and the trailer 4 hours before the departure of the ferry, the vehicle is automatically transferred to the waiting list.
  21. Dangerous goods must be reported for transport at least 24 hours before the planned departure of the ferry.

No show – special charge for not used bookings

Cancellation of the booking made at minimum 24 hours before planned departure time will be accepted without any additional payment. Otherwise the Shipowners reserve the right to charge a special fee of SEK 500 / EUR 50 according to Freight Tariff per vehicle for not used booking.

Tariff for mobile cargo (Cargo Ticket)

  Prices in SEK Prices in EUR
Lorries and road trailers are subject to:

  1. width max:  2,8 m
  2. length max:  24 m
  3. weight
    • 7 tons/axle if distance between axles is less than 1,3 m
    • 10 tons/axle if distance between axles is more than 1,3 m
Small cargo vehicles up 7m length 2300 230
Lorries in excess of 7m length – per each commenced meter of length 340 34
Road trailers - per each commenced meter of length 330 33
Loading / unloading on board/ashore 600 60
Minimum freight 2100 210
Passage, berth and meals for one driver are included in the rate.
Second driver (passage, berth and meals included) 900 90
For connection to the ship‘s electrical system/power points extra charge to be levied of 10% extra calculated on the basic rate. The ship is not responsible for heating or temperature. The Shipowner offers connection to the electric network of the ferry with a voltage of 400V.

Other mobile cargo (bill of lading)

  Prices in SEK Prices in EUR
Motor cars and car trailers up to 7m length and up to 2m height
- without passengers accompanied 1400 140
- loading/discharging on board/ashore per unit 600 60
Lorries, buses, chassis, caravans, campers, car trailers and other vehicles over 7m length and/or over 2m height
- without passengers accompanied, per each commenced meter 330 33
- loading/discharging on board/ashore per unit 600 60
Other mobile cargo (tractors, agricultural machines etc.) and liner’s equipment with conventional cargo loaded on
- without passengers accompanied, per each commenced meter 380 38
- loading/discharging on board/ashore per unit 600 60
Additional fee for nonstarters to be charged by 100% of the rate for unit handling.

Tariff for General Cargo

  Price in SEK Price in EUR
As a commodities in load units / conventional general cargo, on pallets, packages/ to be considered such loads which may be loaded resp. discharged and handled by full mechanized manner, without additional operations and material.
Freight groups for harmless goods
Goods measuring up to 2 cbm / ton  500/ton or 400/cbm 50/ton or 40/cbm
Goods measuring up to 3 cbm / ton 700/ton or 400/cbm 70/ton or 40/cbm
Goods measuring up to 4 cbm / ton 900/ton or 400/cbm 90/ton or 40/cbm
Goods measuring up to 4 cbm / ton 1100/ton or 400/cbm 110/ton or 40/cbm
Minimum freight  550/parcel 55/parcel
The cargo is freighted as per weight or measurement which-ever yields more for the Shipowner.
The rates are based on quay/quay basis. The Customer is obliged to deliver the cargo loco to the ferry terminal in port. Otherwise, extra charges for shifting and exceeding normal stevedoring work to be applied.
The rates in this tariff apply to pieces and packages of not more than 3000 kilos.

Surcharge for heavy cargo / weight

Pieces and packages in excess of 3000 kilos (general cargo) or in excess of weight:

-   7 tons/axle if distance between axles is less than 1,3 m
- 10 tons/axle if distance between axles is more than 1,3 m

Containers and lorries/road trailers are subject to weight surcharge as follows:
3 001 – 10 000 kilos + 10% on basic rate
10 001 – 20 000 kilos + 20% on basic rate
over 20 000 kilos + 40% on basic rate 

Surcharge for dimensions: length and width

Pieces and packages on roll trailers, lorries or road trailers in excess of width:
2,81m - 3,00m + 30% on basic rate
3,01m - 3,20m + 50% on basic rate
3,21m - 3,80m + 75% on basic rate
3,81m - 5,00m + 100% on basic rate
5,01m and over + 130% on basic rate
Pieces and packages in excess of 12 meters length (general cargo) or in excess of 24 meters length (lorries and road trailers) as per agreement.

Dangerous Cargo: Terms and Cond.

Dangerous cargo. Terms and conditions. Price in SEK Price in EUR
Dangerous Goods classes 2.2, 3III, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 5.1, 8 and 9 are accepted for shipment (also in Containers and Lorries/Road Trailers) provided that the international regulations according to IMO-Code are fulfilled and a written declaration "Form of Application and Certificate Forwarding /Shipment of Dangerous Goods" furnished before shipment. Notification of the intended shipment of dangerous cargoes must be given 24 hours before planned departure of a ferry.
Surcharge for dangerous goods - bill of lading
Freight as per classification for "Harmless Goods"  plus 50% extra
Minimum freight  1000 / parcel 100 / parcel
Surcharge for containers, lorries, road trailers containing dangerous goods:
for unit 1000 / unit 100 / unit
for empty uncleaned unit 1000 / unit 100 / unit

Tarrif valid from 01.01.2021


Please note that in view of the current situation on oil international markets, Polish Baltic Shipping - Polferries has decided to increase BAF (Bunker Adjustment Factor) rates to the levels are presented in table below. 

These new BAF figures will take effect from  November 3th, 2021 and will remain valid until further notice.

Line Gdańsk-Nynäshamn i v.v. :
per each commenced meter of length vehicle
84 SEK 8,20 EUR

In accordance with the Polferries’ General Conditions the BAF surcharge is calculated upon monthly average daily USD barrel price for Brent Crude oil quoted by Intercontinental Exchange in London and converted for rates per units on respective lines and fluctuation in US Dollar rate of exchange and Scandinavian currencies.


This is to inform that as from November 1, 2021 the CAF (Currency Adjustment Factor) per each commenced meter of the vehicle will be as below:

Line Gdańsk-Nynäshamn i v.v. :
per each commenced meter of length vehicle
1,60 SEK

The basis for the adjustment of the surcharge will be the average of monthly SEK and Euro exchange rates for the last 12 months, published by Narodowy Bank Polski.

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